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Enterprise Introduction

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The Chairman of Win Tone- Professor Mr. Shen:

* Expert on grain processing technology in China
* Professor of grain processing technology
* Government Commissioner
* Consultant of China Grain Processing Association
* 30 years working experience in this field
* National Project Consultant

About Win Tone Group:

* State-owned enterprise
* Founded in 1995
* Specializing in large project research, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training for corn processing.
* Cooperating with Henan University of Technology, the most famous university in Grain industry, and Jiangnan University which is the most famous university in food industry
* The research center of Henan University of Technology and Jiangnan University
* 36 Professional engineers, in average of more than 15 years of designing experience, and cooperating with five Design Institutes
* We are not only providing you GOOD Quality equipment with the BEST technology, but also responsible of helping our customers to get more profit and helping them to make their business growing better


We Are Dedicated to-
Reduce your corn loss during production;
Reduce maintenance cost of your machinery or line;
Reduce your labor cost;
Increase the service life of the whole corn processing line;
Bring more benefits to the owner.


Tel:+86-371-86159555 / 86635803


Skype: Win Tone

Email: info@wintonemachinery.com

Address: Crossroad of Qinggong Road and Zhongxin Road, Industry Cluster District, Lushan County, Henan Province, China

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